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Why you need media monitoring?

Build your brand and drive growth by effectively engaging media influencers using LingMente intelligence to deliver superior European-wide media monitoring and analytics with better targeted media outreach. LingMente News customers maximize the reach and relevance of earned media coverage, while developing stronger media relations to deliver real business results.

Online media analysis

Create more successful PR campaigns with a better understanding of your competitive position in your industry by using the LingMente online media analysis service. Gather quantitative and qualitative data into media coverage to measure interest in your business, identify competitor activity, and detect industry trends. Discover new insights to develop messaging for brands, craft your outreach strategy, and improve your competitive presence in your industry. LingMente media analysis helps you leverage past press coverage on your business and competitors to make smarter decisions for the future.

Online media monitoring

Keep track of breaking news about your company, competitors and industry with online media monitoring. Identify news and social media trends to design your PR campaigns for maximum impact. We can deliver daily alerts, insights, and opportunities right to your doorstep.

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