About Us

LingMente OÜ was established in 2014. Whilst the company is new, its staff has considerable expertise in the areas of translation and music production services.

Translation is the main focus of LingMente. The Director of translation and media monitoring services is Inga Wåhlberg-Järvis. She has many years of experience working with Estonian and international clients in monitoring printed and online media, radio and television. As a professional agency translator her vast experience covers multi-language translation services covering fiction and non-fiction. Technical translations covering catalogues, web pages, letters and legal documents are a speciality.

As a secondary service, LingMente provides digitalizing and cleaning of analog recordings for conversion into a client-defined file format. We can give your tapes, cassette tapes and vinyl records a new lease of life and improve their quality as required.

Why use LingMente OÜ?

  • More good media clips
  • Media monitoring
  • Translations available for media monitoring and more broadly
  • Greater accuracy
  • Better tools
  • Customized to your needs

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